May 2nd, 2014

I like pretty things


So I have a strong sense of justice and balance.

It actually means that I keep track of a balance sheet in my head. Say you buy me dinner, I'll feel the need to reciprocate with buying you dinner, or making something for you, or some other sort of favor.

It also means that if you offend me, I remember it for a looooooooong time.

One of my friends is driving me a bit crazy because she's so awesome and nice and has been so giving, and I'm like so behind on the balance sheet. I ordered her a hand painted scarf from albania with the same dog breed as hers, but still she's way over.

And also, everyone has been giving or loaning us so much baby stuff. People I don't really know, like Erika McNichol swung by today with 2 baby gears, that's probably worth $200. And strangers are giving us baby clothes.

It's awesome and driving me a bit crazy. I've been giving to kickstarters and other funds now in a way to give back to the universe.

It makes me realize that because someone is awesome and generous to you, the best way to pay back may be to pay it forward to someone else.

Also, if someone is rude and mean to you, it may not be your job to be rude back, but someone else's.