June 19th, 2014

I like pretty things

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Yesterday was a pretty stressful day. It was definitely a burst into tears at various points of the day... including while at Whole Foods having lunch with girlfriends, 2 of them don't have kids, and I may be scaring them a bit. Oy. At least they'll go into pregnancy with open eyes.

However, I also got good news. I got casted in a commercial that I just on a lark decided to audition for. It is for the Mother's milk bank, and is a web/radio. And it's paid!

There were a lot of people at the audition, and I thought I sucked at it. They were auditioning people 4 at a time at Arts and Labour, and you stand on these X's on the ground and people across the table watched you or the projected video of you. I had to go first, and I thought I wasn't that great, and then these other people after me were really good actors.

Then I got a callback. I was surprised. I showed up and there were a ton of people that got a call back. In fact it ran an hour late. When I finally got to go, they paired me with another woman and had me improvise a bit. I pretty much tried not to act that much. The director told me "go smaller". And then I just tried to be me.

And I got the booking notice yesterday. It'll be nice to be "the talent" for this shoot. Hopefully the other side of the camera will be fun. So far being a director was the most fun aspect of film making.