June 24th, 2014

I like pretty things

production day

The shoot was outside of Vespaio in S. Congress and there were a lot of foot traffic, but also construction from the new Hotel South Congress that was happening. It was oh so hot.

Actually, this summer weather has been a God-send. It has been the nicest summer I can remember for a while, a lot of rain. Our trees are flowering, and it's been cloudy a lot.

But apparently you get easily heated in pregnancy, so I've been hot a lot. I have 3 fans and an AC at night.

So the shoot was outside, and I pretty much sweated any makeup I had. And then we did lines, but a big part of it was improvised. The director was very hands on, and gave really good directions, which I have to remember. He made the actors feel at ease. The production company, Arts and Labor, were friendly and efficient. The sound guy was great. I mean, seriously, a good team.

It was a far cry from the dysfunctional film crew I was a part of just a few weeks ago. But to be fair, this was a professional company.

The shoot was for Mother's Milk Bank, and it should go on the web and radio. It is a great organization that provides breastmilk to premie babies, their tummies aren't developed enough to digest formula.

And the lines I was saying was about pumping milk :)

I didn't see any other Asian there, and I saw one African-American, so I'm pretty sure the two of us were filling minority slots for the shoot. Ah well, just the way it works in the film world.