July 2nd, 2014

I like pretty things

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Apparently Andy was in an improv class and someone sang the John Meyer's daughter song during song spot and he got all sappy.
That's freaking adorable and sweet.

So I'm 35 weeks today. Yesterday my midwife did a vaginal exam, and it looks like my cervix has started to soften. She's asked me to chill and relax and rest so that we can make it to 36 weeks and 37 weeks. 37 is technical full term.

We're ready for the baby. We've gotten all the baby stuff needed. And when I see mamas with their newborns I get a little bit wistful and jealous. But I understand she needs to gestates longer.

Third trimester fatigue has set in, I have to nap or at least lie down.

I've also gotten obsessed with cloth diapers. They are so freaking cute! And I actually like doing laundry.

Today I'm going to try to go to the Austin Film Festival screeners meeting, and a late birthday dinner at Lenoir. So I should probably bank some rest earlier.