July 16th, 2014

I like pretty things

37 weeks!

We made it to 37 weeks! I am so ready to have the baby come out and cuddling me in my arms. I think I woke up to pee about 5 times last night. It was a lot of tossing and turning. It takes about 7 pillows for me to sleep. Andy gets kicked out of bed. I have a wrist splint for my carpal tunnel. And a set of stretch marks appeared last week and also this week. Oi.

I've been seeing an acupuncturist since my blood pressure spiked by 15 points at 33 weeks. Which also resulted in several rounds of blood work to make sure I didn't have pre-e. All the results are normal, otherwise I would've been put on bedrest. As such I have been told to "take it easy".

I've asked the acupuncturist to do my induction points, but she said they don't do induction points till 38 weeks.

Andy and I are getting pretty tired of being asked "Are you excited?" Which is a strange question, because is there an appropriate answer besides yes? While I don't have antepartum depression, I know someone who does. Also I'm tired of being asked "How are you feeling?"

Apparently being pregnant is similar to walking a dog, in that strangers will talk to you. Suddenly I get advice and unsolicited opinions. I've been mostly pretty polite, but as the weeks wear on, and I get more uncomfortable, my small talk quota has dropped.

Also, I don't really post much on facebook about pregnancy because people will start giving opinions and stories and I easily get irritated by it. Things that go on my status are happy and awesome! And they are, but there are not so awesome stuff too, and posting about that will just get me even more unsolicited advice. The only safe places in Facebook are the the mama groups, especially my due date club which is awesome. I love those ladies, and they're super supportive. It helps that we're close to each other in due dates.

Yes, home stretch. My skin is literally stretching.