August 2nd, 2014

I like pretty things

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So we swung by Seton's labor and delivery today. And baby is doing fine. They hooked me up on the monitor to hear her heartbeat for 40 minutes. And then said I was contracting every 7 minutes, even though I don't feel much.

They also checked to make sure I wasn't leaking amnio fluid, which I wasn't. And baby is now at -2 station, and I'm 3 cm dilated. She said I was 75% effaced. Mucus plug is continuing to come out.

Fluid levels are good.

I feel so good hearing all this. It makes me happy. I also had a really good day today since I went to board game bash. I wasn't gonna go since it's so close to the due date. However, it's fun and it's great. This is what I've been missing, my trips and conventions and being around people. I've been so secluded the last few months since I felt physically uncomfortable, and I've been so grumpy. But my geek friends are socially awkward, and don't really ask about my pregnancy, and we can just dork the fuck out.

So I'm planning to go tomorrow and Sunday as well.