November 12th, 2014

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wellness check

I had my wellness check yesterday, they drew 3 vials of blood. I had asked for my A1C numbers since it seems to be a more accurate blood sugar number. It's the amount of sugar carried by your haemagoblins the last several months.

I had mentioned to the doctor that my baby was born big, and that my fasting blood sugar has gone up after pregnancy. However, the value came back in the normal range. 5.8
My fasting blood sugar was 101.
and the doctor just wrote that I was only a little elevated and should get rechecked in a few months.

No advice on diet or exercise. Haha. Seriously. I went online and 5.8 is prediabetes, which means a higher risk factor for diabetes. This is when you should talk to the patient and let them know to get their shit in gear.

Also, my triglycerides is higher then normal. He didn't even say anything about that. I guess it wasn't high enough.

The rest of the numbers were in the standard range.