November 20th, 2014

I like pretty things


Another board game con! The last time I was here, I was pregnant but didn’t know it.

I’m rooming with Greg, he’s super chill. The hotel room has nice soft beds and it’s so luxurious.

I slept for 9 hours straight for the first time in ages. So. Nice.

I miss the baby and the snuggles and the cuddles. However, it also feels nice and freeing to be here. I’ve always liked this vacation a lot. Unlike ballet camp, it’s not about working hard and struggling to be good. It’s just to play games!

So far I’ve played

Fantisqa - first game of the con, I learned it and totally crushed.
Diamonds - easy card game
Aquasphere - a game where you program actions. I really want to try it again. I played really badly.
Formula E - elephant racing
La Isla - interesting
Bora bora - boring
Reverse charades - So. good.
Abluxxen - game of lynxes! Ok.