June 16th, 2015

I like pretty things

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I need to journal more because I don't remember things that happened years ago. I'm visiting Manuel in Cortland, NY at the moment. He was saying how he visited me several times for Christmas/NYE and I don't remember him visiting that much. He said that he was there for at least 2 wine, choc, cheeses and that he was there for Andy's first. And I only remember Andy and my awkward conversation in my bedroom after the party was over and only we two were left. And Manuel said: no, I was in that house, and we bumped into him at whole foods the next day.

So journal more!

I'm in Cortland, I was going to follow Manuel to Ithaca and wander around Cornell while I work but these 2 days I've decided to stay in his house. It's less distracting. Yesterday I started a new blog, a writing blog. And today I'm going to start another blog, a writing blog under a pseudonym. So 2 blogs.

Yesterday was a nice day to write. I stayed at his kitchen table and when I got bored I would walk around outside and go back in. Downtown Cortland is just 1 block away so there is food for me and a CVS.

I miss the baby, but not as badly as the trip to the Outer Banks a few months ago where the feeling of missing was so visceral.

While here I'm also looking up some DBT stuff: it's a form of cognitive behavior therapy, and it teaches you skills on emotional regulation and distress tolerance and mindfulness. That's definitely a whole blog post.

We had dinner with his parents. Time flies, I haven't seen his Dad since 2004 or so. Manuel bought them a condo and had them move from Ohio to Cortland where there are no asians but so he can take care of them. He is a good son.

Manuel and I are doing a Sense8 marathon. The last time I was here for his wedding I did a Heros marathon, mainly to watch Zachary Quinto.
I like pretty things

adorable stuff baby has done

She was crawling and looking for me and went "ma-ma-ma" as she crawled.

She waves both hands and goes "bah bah!"

She gets shy and smiles at me when I'm facetiming with her.

She checks to make sure where I am before venturing forth even further in the park.

She opens her mouth wide and kisses me.

She yodels.

She is so freaking cute.