July 11th, 2015

I like pretty things

comicon july 10 2015 friday

Friday continues on with the hectic Comicon craziness.

We started with the free stuff outside, looking at costumes and attractions.
I watched the Assasins Creed parkour course and it was beyond my physical ability. Which made me want to do it, or at least part of it. Maybe next year.

A quick stroll through the walking dead set.

We then did the Comedy Central mini-golf.

While walking around I saw characters from my childhood. I didn't even remember/know their name. It's my little twin star. I mentioned this to Peter's cousin who identified them as Sanrio characters.

Later that night I ordered a few items on eBay. Feeling nostalgic and also wanting baby to have those in her life... Not just American culture.

The expo was overwhelming but I got to see characters from game of thrones. I waved at Maisy Williams and she waved at me :)

Then at 9:45 pm we did the walking dead experience. With minimal instructions we were sent into a baseball stadium. We stayed mainly in the halls and stairs.

When the zombies first showed up people screamed and were running everywhere. People jumped over cars and I found myself jumping over the cars and running. Like really running and sprinting.

Basically it was a series of sprints and it was so exhilarating running with a mob. At one point the zombies were doing a classic scene of clawing at the glass doors and moaning and I stopped to try to take pics. And then suddenly they burst through and we all screamed and ran.

My heart was beating so hard and my skin was so sweaty. It felt really really good. It reminded me how much I love sprinting!