August 14th, 2015

repertory dance

dance camp: friday performance day

I skipped technique class again to preserve my feet. But I did all 3 performances.

First was pas de deux (partnering) and it was suppose to be 3 couples, but one dropped out. So it was just two couples... me and Rachel (who I seem to keep getting paired with). My wonderful partner is David, who is a Richmond Ballet II member. I had been paired with other partners and because I'm nursing my achilles tendon, didn't want to turn. And when I did turn, the men would wrench me into place aggressively. It's not just me, other girls got bruises on their backs from partnering.

However, David said, I watched you last time, so why don't you turn? I know you can turn.
And I did and wobbled and he fixed me.

I still didn't turn during performance day because I hadn't rehearsed it. And I told David I couldn't remember it very well, if he didn't mind whispering in my ear. And he did.

At the performance he would say: "Soutenou" And I would try to listen and obey as much as I could though I still made mistakes. He took such good care of me, held me for my balances. He was pretty much a dream partner. After the partnering I got so many good comments on it. I have a theory that it was a rare occasion where the other couple wasn't as good as me. So people tend to watch the good dancer. So then everyone was supportive and said I danced with such joy. One of my favorite comments was someone who said I danced in the moment, that each dance was a gesture, a bubble of joy.

And I did have a good time, because I knew David was going to take care of me. It was one of those amazing dance experiences. And it made me very happy.

The variation and rep I wasn't as good since there wasn't a person holding me in balance.

By the time we got to rep my muscles had grown cold from the waiting, and I was feeling very tired. So I was glad it was over.

I'm skipping the short day tomorrow so I can be home early. Can't wait to be with the baby. She's been extra clingy and insecure :( crying when Andy leaves the room even when Grandma is there. It may be a phase or maybe she misses me.