October 25th, 2015

I like pretty things

wedding of sarah and jack

it was a very rainy saturday, supposedly the strongest hurricane ever, hurricane patricia, attacked the coast of Mexico.

However, it looks like things weren't that dire in Mexico. It did cause quite a bit of raining in Austin, which we needed because there was a fire in Bastrop that's been going on for 2 weeks now, and the rain finally extinguished it.

It's amazing how much you can write about the weather in the US. I used to be quite bemused by it in Indonesia. How's the weather? Hot.

Anyways, the day started with some laundrying, and cloth diaper laundry. Which failed because now the entire laundry smelled of pee. I think because I didn't soak the cloth diapers long enough and also we ran out of detergent so I used dish soap. Oops.

Then a baby shower for my sister in law, Cara. I'm excited to see her new baby. It will be my first niece. How exciting. And I don't think nieces get called niece-in-law. So she will just be my niece. The family grows, which is really gratifying for me since I came to this country with no family, and it slowly grew with Andy... and I've been hesitant to accept his family. They are sweet but I do feel that there is a distance. But I made a baby, and now we're stuck always.

Christmases at Andy's family in Houston has always been pretty sedate. Andy's parents. Cara and her boyfriend/now husband. And me and Andy.

Last year the 6 of us grew with the addition of a baby, and also a rather big dog, Hud.

And now a niece is being added to the mix.

After the baby shower, where some weird improv games were played, I joined Andy and baby to go to Heritage House for a wedding. It was a 45 min drive in the rain and we missed the ceremony. And I felt like I went out of obligation because weddings I now associate with work. I work 18-25 weddings a year. So you know. It's my work place.

But surprisingly, I had a great time because the table seating was perfect. Andy and I was sat next to people we love spending time with, so I pretty much yakked the whole time and it was about interesting stuff, and I didn't feel like I was small talking. And I didn't have to care about what was happening in the wedding, unlike a work day.

We did leave when dancing started because it was too loud to talk and baby was very tired. Speaking of baby, she did wonderful as usual. Walked all around the reception room, was fearless and adventurous.