December 27th, 2016

I like pretty things

Christmas Day

We woke up and had breakfast and did presents. Andy was super generous and I feel pretty loved. K was super excited about her presents. I was really excited about Christmases and lately I've been a bit humbug-ian but now K is bringing back the wonder and joy of Christmas. She makes everything new again.

After presents, we drove to Alpine for Chinese buffet which was mediocre but cheap. Then we drove over to Marfa and visited El Cosmico where we saw bunny rabbits and a roadrunner. Hung out in hammocks.

Then we are back at the Indian lodge which is peaceful and quiet and K and dad are napping and I'm chilling with a banana bread and books and sweet tea.
I like pretty things

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Back home after a quiet trip to West Texas.

Overall it's been a rough Christmas for me, because I've been sick. I'm still a little bit sick I think, at the tail end. Trying to figure out how not to clench my teeth and continue to make myself feel bad in the awake hours.

It's funny how when I'm sick I don't want sugar. If I don't crave sugar when I'm sick but I do when I'm well, does it mean it's because my WBC are killing the organisms that cause me to crave sugar. If I can exist not craving sugar, how do I make this happen in my normal world.