February 8th, 2017

I like pretty things

Paris to London

Eurostared back. Bag now has 20 children books and is sooo hard to navigate around the Paris metro and the tube. Lots of stairs.

Got to kings cross and had a delicious lunch at dishoom with Todd Hester. He also showed me the google uk hq.

Then after that I met up may and we went to the warner bros studio tour. Photos below.

Ramen dinner at tonkatsu in Chinatown.

Then picked up my luggage at st pancras and took it all the way to east London to Todd's place.

I like pretty things

Royal opera house

Went to harrods. Saw a 900 British pounds kid's dress. Ridiculous.

Lunch was another mediocre Chinese food at London Chinatown.

Then did some shopping.

Backstage tour at the royal opera house was amazing. I got to see the orchestra rehearse and also the royal ballet rehearse sleeping beauty.

Then wondered around covent garden and got to try some delicious tea.

Dinner was with Todd and Beth and it was lovely.

Time to pack!