August 13th, 2017

I like pretty things


I was in my head a lot this Pennsic. There was definitely a lot of struggles with body image.

Anyways, here is my FB post:

Back home! My highlights from the Middle Ages/Pennsic were:
- watching my host camp, the Dark Horde Moritu, raise a 30 feet banner pole amidst drumming and cheers. The Mongolian camp next door used 5 guy wires to keep it in place, but my host camp just dug a 3 feet hole and used no wires. I kept side eyeing the pole because my tent was right in the drop zone. But it held.
- the weather. It rained the first day and then was 50-70s most war. I did freeze in the middle of the night but I just snuggled deeper into my blanket.
- dancing 5 person 15th century Italian Verceppe at 1 am.
- Italian dance geekery till 2 am
- the beautiful Pennsylvania sunsets
- I have a medieval cobbler and he measured me for new shoes!
- reconnecting with old friends. It was more powerful then I expected
- talking to my sharp and hilarious camp mates
- finger dancing Gracca Amoroso while visiting Jamie at his vigil. (the video below is Jamie and Alina dancing a 16th C Italian)
I like pretty things

K's birthday party

We had about 17 kids, and there were lots of food and drinks :) We got a baby animal petting zoo!

As the birthday girl, she got some solo time with the animals, then everyone got to go in. She was so good with the animals.

At some point she ended up naked playing in the mud with Cora at the pool. She had a great time though. Then she was singing as Cora played on the baby piano. It was rediculously cute.