February 18th, 2018

I like pretty things

Feb 2018 plan

Pays at least 80k
Flexible telecommuting
Move jobs as needed to get to 100-120k quickly.
gain skills that would allow me to become a consultant.
While at job:
Find ways to become a consultant.
be a consultant that can work part time or seasonally.

Plan to get there:
study computing
fix lower back so I can sit (but try to get a standing desk)
study emotional intellilgence

When paid 80k (65k after taxes)
Live on 45k
Start paying off debts
Get a new car
Within 2 years
If career is taking some years of life, in the mean time: Add more years to life by being healthier!
Eat better
Use nights and weekends wisely
Don't spend too much money just cos you're making more

Things I want to do in my one year left:
Study computing
write 2 more romance books
Host monthly dinners
Take care of my body
Emotional discipline
Curate my best works into a website portfolio
Visit London?
Limit social media
Establish friendships