March 23rd, 2018

I like pretty things

ballroom talk: check out party

so happily, i did my dancing early, so got it over with early. i was surprised to be paired with dillon throughout the entire checkout dances, and that was nice since he was super competent and helped me when i forgot stuff. that was nice.

i checked out of preliminary bronze, and got into intermediate bronze! the scorer asked me if i was musical, and i said i played a little bit and he said there was something musical about my dancing. and he remarked about how i was new to the program, and asked when i started? "october" and how often i did classes? "once a week". He scored me 93 on all except for rhumba where i got a 94 because he said "i really liked how you danced the rhumba."


it was nice, i think i'm slowly feeling i'm part of the community. it definitely took time.