May 15th, 2018

I like pretty things

trophy ball

i did my first ballroom performance for a small event and i was totally fine except for the few minutes before I got nervous, but it went pretty well. the thing i noticed the most was my shoulders, and that i have rounded shoulders. so gotta work on my shoulders.
I like pretty things

hyatt lost pines

we are having a mini vacay in hyatt lost pines. i enjoy the easiness of being at a resort.

- she loves playing on the beach by the water and making sand castles or just digging and filling containers.
- we did meet the mini mascots where she saw alpacas
- met up with cidneye at a chinese place nearby
- met a family of 6 and got to hold their 4 month old
- went down the lazy river
- hot tubbing and being in the pool.
- nightly smores. too much smores!