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September 5th, 2019

Day two london

Lovely breakfast at Apero’s, I tried black pudding. It had good texture and not distasteful. The English breakfast tea was delicious and I read the Time’s, which I really like the size of. Small and compact. I wish the NYTimes was small like that.

Moved to the Airbnb, which has a tiny rooftop terrace.

Went to my bibliotherapy tea, which was basically paying someone for a date so they talk books at you. She gave me a “book prescription” and the high tea at Ham Yard hotel, Soho was delicious!

Shopped at Oxford street which was crowded and stressful.

Then I did a ballroom private with someone who didn’t know much of American smooth style and it was interesting, and he taught me some useful stuff about rhumba and waltz.

Lots of walking. I’m wiped.

Day 3 london

Continuing on vacationing by myself #introvertlondon, I had a glimpse into life as a crazy rich person by having a spa day at the Corinthia hotel at Whitehall place.

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Day four london

22 years ago, I was addicted to an online text based game, a MUD.

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