September 8th, 2019

I like pretty things


What did I learn about myself?
I learn that I love waking up in the mornings, read the newspaper, drink tea. I love outside courtyards in the shade with garden and water and people watching.

Solo traveling is lovely. Ideally for me while traveling, I have a companion once a day.

I don't like loud noise, and I don't mind people as long as they're not noisy.

I'm sad that the weather in Austin is so hot most days that I'm not outside, and I need to take advantage of the cold weather from Oct to Feb.

Life goals check?
I think outwardly my life looks successful. But I do have a big weakness in that I need to eat healthier. It got a little bit better this year, I'm starting to eat veggies thanks to a day job that exposes me to salads in the cafeteria, and flower child at the domain. But still need more veggies. I could of couse be thinner, the measure of the ultimate success for women. Blargh.

Job wise, I wish I could work remotely more. But that's something that will eventually open up as I grow in my skills or if I'm willing to take a pay cut.

Art wise, I dance 2-3 times a week. I spend some time in the underground trains reading the book Andy and I are working on, and it's in progress. Creating art is so hard.

I continue to struggle with anxiety, and each time I defeat it, I'm being brave.
Andy and my kiddo brings me joy.