March 22nd, 2020

I like pretty things

daillies - end of Corona week 1

I am grateful for:
1. My daughter cuddling me.
2. Grocery stores having mill king milk!
3. My fasting blood sugar is 80, so freaking low!!! I have beaten pre-diabetes.

What would make today great?
1. Keeping my mental state grounded.
2. Doing something productive.
3. Doing some fitness.

Daily affirmations. I am
1. I am amazing.
2. I am loved
3. I am optimistic that the lockdown will only last 4 weeks.

3 amazing things that happened today
1. I got an amazing new toy
2. Craig from conspirare posted a song that made me cry.
3. dance party with mark kamemura

How could I have made today better?
Today was good. I finally accepted the corona quarantine in that I slowed down.
I still danced a bunch: the 4 pm dance party, dancing alone, a little bit of practice, a little bit of cuban motion technique by Nazar.

Then I started cleaning up the right wall section of my bedroom. Which is part of my acceptance. yesterday I was cleaning my email inbox.

This is the end of week 1.