January 8th, 2021

I like pretty things

df dance

Pro is about to take 3 weeks off and this is our last in person lesson for the month. Though we might do virtuals after a week. How you know you're addicted to ballroom? Planning your vacations based on Pro's schedule. I was like: Oh. I guess I can go on a vacation then.

We were talking about risky stuff and death, and how when I’m afraid I might die, I pray for forgiveness.

Pro: “Well. Is there anything you want to say to me? Anything to apologize for?”
Me: “What? No! I’ve been a great student.”
I narrowed my eyes at him: “How about you? Anything you need to say?”
Pro: “Nope. No regrets.”

Pro: “If I die I will haunt you.”
Then he comes close and whispers creepily in my ear. “Core.....”
Because I am so bad at holding my core.

On a more serious note, he wanted our Smooth lessons to be doubles and I started that several weeks ago. But I have a harder time staying focused, like my brain gets wiped and I get really hungry. Normally I don’t eat before lessons, but now I’m going to have to figure out when and what to eat before, so that my brain and body can stay focused.

He snaps his fingers at me when I lose focus, and notices when my eyes start drifting and he doesn't like that.

We work on so much in these Smooth doubles. More attention on shaping.
I’m still working on the Waltz heights.
Before I dance: down-up-up and now I'm trying to retrain to down-halfup-up
So different. But! Lightbulb moment here… going halfup on second step means my stance can be wider and be more on balanced. So this is how people take giant strides in Waltz!

We also cleaned up my waterfalls a bit. I think my waterfalls are already amazing. But he thought my arms weren’t clean enough and the timing weren’t clean enough. It’s NEVER ENOUGH.

In V Waltz, for explosion lines, he’s been trying to get me to fully arrive, still facing him, before I explode.

I also asked for 3 exercises to do while on break, and he gave them to me. So I prob should do them.