January 26th, 2021

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" In Buddhist teaching, attachment is the root cause of suffering. “Attachment” has a very specific meaning, which is more in the sense of control. If you think of the generosity aspect of love, there are a lot of different ways of giving a gift. You can give someone a gift, and it’s really a freely given gift. Or you can give someone a gift because they have something you want—”Maybe if I give you this, you’ll give me that.” You can give a gift with a timetable of how soon you’d like to be thanked, and how loudly you’d like to be thanked.

Those strings, the expectation, the need for reciprocity—they’re human and they’re understandable, but they cause a lot of suffering because those things are not in our control. We can’t control someone else’s behavior. [Trying to control it leads to] a state of suffering."