ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

San Franciso travelogue

So I got to San Francisco Sat night, and took the BART to union station. Andy was late, but he showed up with a box of chocolates (I hinted at a choc and rose welcome :-P). We're staying at his sister's friend's house (richmond area), and moving to the downtown hostel today.

Woke up way too early on Sun, at 7 am. Then we had too much dim sum, watched Entourage, went walking to Haight street, stumbled onto a park which took us on a hike up and up until we could see San Francisco spread down before us. It was the Buena Vista park. Very pretty. On our way up, we stopped by and I made Andy do a sketch of a tree. Then he made me do a haiku to a tree. It took me too long to come up with something so Andy said, just write 5 haikus. You're taking too long to try and be awesome.
Here's 2 of them:

I like the sound that
trees make when dancing in the
quiet afternoon

If I was a tree
I'll bear my fruits in winter
I am impatient

Afterwards we had the most awesome Indian food. Really yummy lamb tandoori. Then we rushed of to BATS, which is located in such a pretty place, by the ocean, near fields of luscious grass. Where we watched Meastro by Johnstone. Improv details in a saperate post.

We met up with James at BATS and Andy wanted to hang out with the Sunday players afterwards, but none of them seem to be going out. So we hanged out with James and his animation/art friends at a Thai food place. Then James gave us a ride home.
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