ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Wall-E, Beauty and the beast

Beauty and the beast, originally uploaded by danceandgeek.

The above picture is from the Zilker Hillside Theatre production of Beauty and the Beast. We sat on a blanket and watched it.. very prop-heavy. But then it started raining, we sat in the rain for a while.. and I saw a dancer slip once.. then the second time he slipped and fell. He immediately got up again. I'm assuming he fell because the stage was wet.. and after intermission the show stopped. I enjoyed it... but Andy suffered. He felt it wasn't professional enough.

Wall-E: is probably the best movie I've seen recently. Very very good. Innovative story line. And I even enjoyed watching the credits and all the way to the end. It's so good I want to see this on the big screen again.  Even Andy liked it.
Tags: movie, musical theatre
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