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Musical Theatre: We are still working on Fosse's Dancin Man. After the jazz warmup we did splits and I couldn't hit it... I think it's because Jazz doesn't warm up my legs the way that Ballet does. But I still got pretty low.. and surprisingly Danny said: "You're getting more flexible. What can I say?" He said it very gruffly too. Like.. hmm.. how did that happen? Danny was the one that told me, you gotta push your knees down and straighten it during exercises, that's how you'll get your splits, not from stretching. I have no idea how I got them since I didn't really stretch extensively? Who knows. Anyways, I was wearing a flowing pink dress for that class (unlike Ballet, where leos and tights are the standard), and Danny said I looked very flowy, like Isadora Duncan I think.
I really, really love dancing Fosse stuff.

Altar Boyz: My roommate Tim and I went to see the Altar Boyz at Zachary Scott theatre. It was very very good. I was surprised at how much it made me laugh. They were supposed to be singers/dancers at a Christian concert. And it was just great. Especially if you have a Christian background. Irreverant, funny, yet still heart-warming. And they can really sing.. and their dancing was very New Kids on The Block/hip hop/backstreet boys. It was fun. It's an off-broadway hit, and I can see why.

Australians: So somehow I ended up housing 2 Australians I never met before. They're Improvisors though, from the Impro company at Bats (Sean and Mike). They turned out to be pretty awesome. And joked about how I scared them. Hmmm. I scared William Hall too. I think they were all joking.. but Andy said I don't bother sending out signals like: I'm safe, I'm nice. Which is what people is used to. Maybe all Impro people are super nice and generous and get confused when they meet me. Anyways, we ended up talking and it was super fun, and then Andy dragged us to see Hancock (mediocre) and I went to bed really late and am sleep-deprived.

And I don't have to work July 4th weekend.

This is all super fun and briliant.


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Jul. 4th, 2008 06:33 am (UTC)
Core of truth
I ain't met you. Thus a large portion of the signals you send or fail to send are invisible to me. (what a person -says- is often the smallest part of communication, afterall)

You're certainly not scary. But I think it's true that you don't deliberately "invite" people to step closer, figuratively speaking. I don't either, usually. It depends on the person. I guess, in some sense I'm a bit elitist, frankly, there's rather a lot of people that I don't really have any huge urge to be "friends" with.

Life ain't a popularity-contest anyway. I've found, the friends you end up getting even when you simply stay yourself, rather than putting on any kind of show, are friends worth keeping.
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