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gutting sardines, iphone, camera

so today i gutted my first fish ever.. I noticed that Central Market had fresh sardines, and after the fish person showed me how to gut it, I decided to gut the rest myself. Surprising another fish person there who said after 4 years of working there, no one else had volunteered to clean the fish after seeing it done.

It was gross. But I stand by my belief that you gotta be able to kill and gut the animals that you're going to eat.

Anyways, fresh sardines tasted less fishy, and more fishy at the same time. Not sure how to explain it.. definitely different taste.

I also breaded and fried some oysters but couldn't make them done at the same time, so had to reheat the oysters. The oysters were from the gulf sea, but I thought it wasn't very good. Disappointing.

On other note, my Iphone has been upgrading to v2.0 for the last hour. And then I got a call from Miriam which stopped the Restore.. Ummmm.. silly Iphone software. So hopefully everything will transfer over. I just saw online that a lot of people have iBricks now. And normally I wouldn't be so apple-manic and upgrade... but my Apple employee roommate kept talking about it.

Hopefully I'll have a phone after all this is done.

Edit: Aha! Downloading games now.. I got a bunch of puzzle games. Including pong and a weight-tracker.

Including a lightsaber. With special effects.

And my new waterproof/shockproof, Olympus SW 850 digital camera that I've been salivating for so long finally arrived today. I had been eyeing this for a while, in fact, a new version came out in the meantime. And I had been borrowing Andy's phone which he stole back. So I gave in and got a new camera... taking it to my team's kayaking offsite next Friday.

The video/sound quality isn't that good, but I've a workaround on that. Pretty excited that now I can take pictures when I'm kayaking.

Yay! Toys!
Tags: cooking, toys
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