ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

SF: fcuk and improv jam

I was itching to shop, and went inside H&M and several stores, and walked out empty-handed. Either the place just was too croweded/overwhelming, I didn't like the clothes, or the atmosphere wasn't conducive to my zen shopping experience. Finally, I went inside a store called fcuk or the french connection. i instantly liked a bunch of their simple, basic, well-made clothing. and i was allured by the idea of being a well-dressed, elegant parisian. so i started picking stuff up, noting the expensive price, and having to do major rationalization for even trying them on. but then, i found the sale section. and then, i found out they were an additional 50% off. this led me into a feeding frenzy of clothing. and the place was so nice, and there was only a few people, it lead me into my happy meditative zen shopping state.

finally i got a lovely blue tunic sweater, a black dress and a wavey long skirt. yay!

well, the shopping was the highlight of the day. we also went back to that super awesome indian restaurant which has the best lambchops i've ever had: nan 'n' curry.

then we headed off to a jam. i was expecting something like hideout's tues jam. but this jam had an audience. you pay $5 to play or watch. players are randomly assigned to 3 groups. despite my fear, i went ahead and signed on. and they assigned me to the first set *wince* and it was quite a grueling experience. people were so negative, drivey, and my character was victimized. it was an okay set, something we would consider very green in austin. the second set was better, it had better players like andy, k, and the SF improv festival director, Shaun? who is this big dominating black woman who's funny, visionary, assertive, and LOUD. She gets stuff done. Like the 501(c) stuff for both the SF improv alliance and SF coop was done in 2 months!! We had a great time hanging out with her at the piano bar afterwards. The piano man welcomed us Austinites, and then proceeded to play "piano man". which was the first time i heard that actually played in a piano bar.

so far i've not been wowed yet. shaun said that about 85% of improvisers were actors or in theatre. and 15% of those are standup people. there's few hobbyists. so it has that dirty improv feeling where you sacrifice the scene, story and relationship for the funny.
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