ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Flickr Happy!

Ok.. I uploaded the set for Miriam and Walter's wedding, and while I was there, I uploaded my Ithaca pictures which has some shots for Kate and Gilbert's wedding. Also uploading more stuff but sleep is defeating me. (Btw, K&G, W&M: I took video recording on a digital camera of most of your wedding dances, let me know if you want me to upload it to youtube or just get a copy. Quality isn't great, but it does capture the dynamics of it)

The maid of honor helping Miriam get ready.

Miriam and Walter in front of their cupcake wedding cake.

Makeup-ed me! Yes, looks unfamiliar.    

Andy and me :)

Andy's gift for my birthday. He painted watercolor on canvas. 

Kate and Gilbert and their (not cupcake) cake. 
Tags: cornell, friends, pics, wedding
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