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Booklog: Richelle Mead, Suzanne Ferral, Jen Lancaster, Louis Kean

Well, I've been a ferocious reader lately (yes, I meant to use ferocious).

Richelle Mead, 2 books in a trilogy -- Succubus Blues and Succubus on top (Urban Fantasy) * * * * *
Wow. So this was really awesome. It was light, but also deep, and in the first book I ended up crying copiously even though I was at Starbucks. I tried to be as discreet as possible, but people probably noticed. Urban Fantasy is a fun genre!
No there isn't as much steamy sex scenes as the title implies. The third book is coming out in Sept, but I've already ordered a bunch of her other series.
She is really good. Her ratings for her books are like 5 stars, which is rare. I highly recommend her.. as one reviewer says: think Sex in the City meet Veronica Mars.
After finishing her first book, I went to Barnes and Noble and finished the 2nd book in one sitting, and completely blew off my singing and musical theatre class. Yeah. That good.

Suzanne Farrel, -- Holding on to Air (Biography) * * *
Another Balanchine Ballet dancer biography. Though much less depressing then Gelsey Kirkland... and a love interest of Balanchine. It is a good read, she's very pro-Balanchine.. which is a nice contrast to Kirkland's book.

Jen Lancaster --Such A Pretty Fat: One Narcissists's Quest to Discover if Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big, Or why Pie is Not the Answer (Biography) * *
I actually am getting a pretty sizable collection of Fat fiction (no pun intended) though this isn't fiction. In this case, the author's own journey. She also wrote a book titled Bitter is the New Black. And her tone was very smartass, and at various points I'm wondering why I'm reading this book. Eh.

Louise Kean --The Perfect Fit: Fat-Free Dreams Just Don't Taste The Same (Fiction) * *
A fat fiction book, about this girl who lost a bunch of weight and then finds a man. Yeah. Umm... not that good either.
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