ripresa (ripresa) wrote,


So I was bored  and downloaded zmud and logged into my mud. The one that I spent 3 years of my life in... of that 3 years.. I would say I was online pretty much 6 hours a day. I would come home from my internship at NYC, and log on. I fell in love with one person on it... whatever online love is. I met 2 of the people. And yet.. online relationships are not "real relationships". Very rarely are they real.
In fact, of that 3 years, only 1 person is in constant contact with me now.. though that 1 person is a very valued friend :)

Anyways, the mind is an amazing thing, and i eventually remembered the password and logged on.. only a few names were familiar. Stuff still goes on, code I write is still running... I got a few emails over the years which petered out.

And I still remember that I detested the arch of law. And of course he's still active. Bastard.

I've lots of code and creative work in that place... hmmmm.
Tags: gaming
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