ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

SF: nothing, nothing, nothing, something

wednesday we checked out of the hostel, and i was going to get a tour of pixar, but the plans got muddied up and instead I checked in early to the hotel near BATS. two more of my troupies showed up: marc and jason. they joined us for lunch, then IFE took a walk near the coast, taking pics with the golden gate bridge at the background. then we went to BATS for the orientation, where we saw pgraph. yay! orientation involved administrivia and actual improv. then i decided to skip theatresports raw, and instead went to another indian place with marc and the leading brands. They had good tandoori chicken, but nan 'n' curry has amazing lamb chops tandoori, which marc's place didn't.

then off to pgraph's room party. but leading brands wanted to leave early. so we only got to chat a bit.

thursday: ah yes. actual keith johnstone. that guy is brilliant. he makes beginning improvisers do amazing scenework, because he takes over and rescues the scene when it goes bad and makes it end a really good manner. a lot of the stuff he says is common sense. some of them are just things like "no rules", and he says it's ok to kill ideas. i guess "yes, and" is more for beginners. relax on stage. have no fear. "nothing, nothing, nothing, something", mantra: i want nothing, and more stuff. but i'm too lazy to do complete notes on LJ.

oh. i finally saw "theatresports" it's like meastro, but more opportunities for longer scenes. it's two teams instead of individual improvisers competing, and there's judges who give scores. i like it. and BATS has an amazing pianist. better then the IO shows i saw which had annoying intrusive musical accompaniment.
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