ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Off to Richmond!

I tried to pack as lightly as possible.. but desire for having options still won out :)
I've 7 leotards, 8 pink tights and 4 black tights, 2 pointe shoes, jazz shoes, character shoes, 2 ballet slippers,  in addition to leg warmers, skirts, flowy watercolor stuff that I normally don't get to wear. Basically anything "dance chic" is going with me.. cos how often can I wear em??

My new roommate is driving me to the airport, which is awfully sweet.

I'm going to miss Uchi! (I suppose, Andy too. But he's already been in Canada for a week and a half.)

I'll have my iphone and the hotel has computers, so I will still be connected.

Tags: ballet, dancecamp, richmond, vacation
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