ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

da improv lifestyle

I can see why I gained a bunch of weight after I moved from my dance/marathon phase to my improv phase a few years ago.
It's pretty clear from my drastic dance intensive week to improv festival week. In the last few days I've barely exercised except as a stage manager and very slow mini-golf. There's been a lot of partying and sitting around and chatting. Last night after shows I was at Casino's for their burger (saltgrass and sullivan's is better), then Jackalopes which I despise (how do people like hanging out at loud bars, I just don't get), then to pluckers where I had my first fried twinkie (terrible). They moved the photos at Pluckers so I couldn't find the one of Walter, Peter and me.

The hanging out was nice, I got caught up in the improv gossip scene, which made me appreciate the fact that you shouldn't get offended if people gossip about you... because they will, whether you're nice or mean, talented or not. It's probably more deflating if you're never talked about.
Tags: improv
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