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sandwich recipes, ballet at slavin-nadal, musical theatre performance

Sandwiches! I made my first real entree level sandwich today. I got the idea from the lunch provided at adult dance camp. It was italian bread, avocado, tomato, turkey and mayo. And it was really delicious especially since the tomato and avocado were freshly cut.
I rarely make sandwiches, but am slowly learning to like them because of their lower calories compared to asian meals. I also love the egg salad sandwich we had at Blue Dahlia's on 11th street. It had olive oil and capers. Not low calories, but delish! Maybe one day I'll try to make my own egg salad
If you have a fav sandwich recipe, please share with me!

Ballet: Since Ballet Austin is on hiatus, I went to the Slavin-Nadal school which is a tiny studio not too far. I took the int/adv class which I actually hang in pretty well. Yay me. Afterwards I played D&D with Nick and company.

Musical Theatre Performance: So it looks like the plan for the fall semester has been announced. This time Rocker and Danny are choreographing their own show... hmmmmmmm... I would rather have learned actual choreography from Broadway.. but we'll see what happens. It looks like rehearsals are once a week, and they've saperated the kids from the teen/adults (older then 14). I'm probably going to sign up for this. I think I'm going to take it in a more chill manner, not going to fret as much about casting or how I look or whatever. I mean, it's just community theatre right? It's all about having fun. (Yeah right, I'm sure there'll be drama ;-) I'm not sure if I actually want to be cast in a singing solo this time or not. Seems like a lot of pressure.)

Tags: ballet, dining, musical theatre
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