ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

improv, renaissance dance, SCA politics, etc.

New icon! That's me on the leftmost.

Fri: IFE show at the Hideout, it was a light-hearted and fun show, and I had fun.

Sat: I blew off morning/afternoon commitments and read Juliet Marillier, a wonderful fantasy writer. Then acting class with Arthur Simone, and then I ran Renaissance dancing at a demo place. It was pretty well attended, and I was reminded of the joys of renaissance dancing and my annoyance with having to teach the same beginning stuff over and over and over again.
However, I found out that my good friends are now Baron and Baronness of Bryn-Gwlad, and people in my old household miss me and would like my help. So I may become semi-active for their reign.

Sun: Brunch at Omelettry, I'm full now. Most likely going to the free dance day at Ballet Austin and then hanging out with my old SCAdian friends.
Tags: dance, improv, sca
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