ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

anyone know any funny Christmas songs?

.. aside from Santa, Baby?

Had our first reheasal today for the Christmas show. It's called "Magic in Manhattan" and will be all Christmassy and stuff. In fact we ran through several carols last night.

Of course I haven't had a singing class in the last month, and sure enough, we had our mini-auditions/interview the first day. Blah. I sang really good in a group and was having fun and stuff, and then when I was on my own I got all nervous and I think I just did okay. Whatever.

Then I had dinner with a bunch of friends, and played Castlecrashers.. very fun.

Me tired. I just went to HEB to buy a bunch of water and food. The only exciting thing about a hurricane is maybe I can use my solar oven for real!
Tags: friends, gaming, musical theatre
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