ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

my baby cat

My housemate wanted the front double door repainted. Apparently the red wasn't vivid enough. So today, as I was leaving, with the front double doors taken down and a plastic cover in its place, I told the person that the cat should stay inside. We had difficult communicating clearly language-wise, but he was like: the plastic cover closes the gap.

So I came home today, got inside, did a bunch of stuff. Was unwrapping my gifts to myself, when I suddenly thought: where's Caroso? I went into frantic search mode and finally went near the (freshly painted) door where I looked out the window, and saw a flicker of white fur and heard pitiful mews. He must've heard me calling his name. I don't think he got out when I came in, I'm pretty good about that stuff, but Norma said she saw a cat in the house (she couldn't remember the color) so maybe I did. But I don't think so. I think the door painters let the cat out. ARRRRRRRRRrrrgh.

I tried to franticallyl open the door, but as I pulled the the lock thingy (there was no handle we've holes in our door) it broke. When I finally got outside, Caroso had his mouth open, panting. And he's shaking. Poor baby :(

I can still see him breathing, and his body moving up and down rapidly :(

Here's a cute, less stressed pic of him I took before.

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