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stiff peaks

Does anyone know how to beat the egg whites to stiff peaks
beat heavy cream to stiff peaks?

I've made Tiramisu multiple times, and it's always delicious. But sometimes I find the cream too runny.

Thanks in advance



Oct. 17th, 2008 06:14 am (UTC)
For eggs, you simply need to avoid ANY grease whatsoever on the instruments you use, this includes even the sligthest trace of yolk. If you do that and beat it enough (an electric thingie helps) it should be very easy to get it stiff enough that turning the bowl around won't cause it to fall out.

Heavy cream is trickier. It helps if its cold, as in coming directly from the fridge, there's also stuff you can mix with it that doesn't affect the taste and is fully natural, but helps make it stiffer. The stuff is uncommon in norway, but common in germany. I always wondered if that's related to cream commonly being sold at 33% fat in Norway whereas 28% is more common in Germany.