ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

An end of an era: IFE

So, today I resigned from IFE.

There's several reasons... but it may have came down to Improv being the love of my troupemate's lives, while for me it's just one of my hobbies. And at times I got resentful of the time I was spending with it that I could've spent elsewhere. I think it's the right thing for the troupe, and the right thing for me.

You know, this feels like breaking up. It seems to elicit some of the characteristics feelings: doubts on whether I did the right thing, a feeling of loss, sadness, what am I going to do now, and also... relief.

So what's going to happen with my improv life? I don't know, I doubt I will completely break free because it is Andy's passion. And just because I no longer am in a troupe doesn't mean I won't still be part of the community.

I wish IFE the best, and am rooting for it to have a wildly successful career. After all, I do take credit for starting the troupe :)

Gosh. So many things happened this week. And it's still not over... I think I'll really enjoy drinking tomorrow night.
Tags: best of, improv
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