ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

narrative longform: 3 for all

I saw the show last night, and they were my favorite. I love stories, and I love improvised stories. They're playing again tonight (different format, plus one other person) at 8 pm tonight, Hideout, $5. I highly, highly recommend this. They are my favoritist improv group.

Yesterday, I played mini-golf with the out of bounds improv festival (improv, sketch & mini-golf!) and I won the award for worst golfer. And I cheated on my scores too! I tied with Kaci, but she didn't cheat. So... I guess that means I'm either a bad mini-golfer, or an inefficent cheater, or both. I won an ugly painting that players had to contribute to in one of the holes.

Went to the party last night, and spent a bunch of my time in a quiet corner playing my Nintendo DS-lite. I don't generally like loud parties. I'm sociable. But do better in 1x1 situations then loud noisy crowd. I did get some good talking time with a few folks though.

When a slow song came on towards the end, Andy and I danced it. I saw another improviser dance it with a chair, his eyes closed, and another one dancing with an imaginary person. And other people doing interpretive dancing. I love hanging out with improvisers.
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