ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Wanna buy my old iphone?

I got the new Iphone. I gave in after a head to head downloading contest of, and it took my old phone 45 seconds longer. I'm also seeing worse performance on the Edge network recently.. and since time is valuable.. I got the new phone.
The rates will actually come out about equivalent after my 19% dell discount which didn't apply to the old plan, but does with the new one.
I'm also hoping to sell my old phone for about $150... so I should've upgraded earlier. Wanna buy my old iphone?

Sunday was pretty chill, mostly Andy and I just hung out. We had dim sum at the Shanghai place which I think is just way too crowded and slow, and stressful since more and more people have discovered it.

Then we hung out at a bookstore, went home and chilled.

Today I am tired. Oh oh. I sense a possible cold coming too, must take vitamins when I get home.
Tags: andy, toys
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