ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Project Runway, and Michelle's dress

I finally finished watching Project Runway, this season the top 3 finalists were female. And they deserved it, after I purused the Fashion Week's collection of the other 3 males that were in the top 6. Horrendous.
The winner had a great architectural, innovative and clean look that was chic.

Also. I was watching Michelle Obama's dress at the acceptance speech, and was trying to figure out if I liked it or hated it. Apparently it was by an American designer, who's clothing tend to run from 1k to 8k. Which I think is a reasonable price for our First Lady to wear, and Michelle sometimes wear stuff from JC Penny's too. But apparently there's controversy in the fashion world whether it was a good choice or a lapse in taste. Here she is:
She wore a cardigan. And the Runway look.

Tags: fashion, politics
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