ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

More dance ruminations

So in one of the dress rehearsals, Rocker was trying to fix something in the kick-line, and he was trying to figure out if it was me or the person next to me. (This was not the section I messed up terribly during Sunday's show). He was trying to figure out who was messing up, and then finally said, "I know you're a dancer". I think he concluded it was the other girl who messed up (though to be honest, it was probably a combination of the 2 of us.

But the casual way he said that I'm a dancer made me so happy, especially coming from a guy who during class with Baryshnikov was personally asked by him to join ABT.

So the information for next semester's show has come out. They're focusing on Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse and Michael Bennett. Which is really heavy dancing, so I hope we get to do some complicated stuff, not just the professionals.

The Adult Dance Camp information is out too, they're adding a 4th camp in Saratoga, NY. The other 3 are in Richmond. I am now torn between taking a camp in Richmond or NY. The teachers at the camp I went to in Richmond was fabulous, including the assistant principal of the Boston Ballet school was just amazing. And the Saratoga one has one day less of teaching.  Also, the NY one may conflict with flipside.

Tags: ballet, dance, musical theatre
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