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"It doesn't get better then this."

That's what Rocker said tonight after our musical theatre class when we were done. I had remarked how much more fun it was then Jingle Bells. We learned Bob Fosse's Dancing Man, and one of the choreography to West Side Story... and man, what a blast.
Even in the beginning of class.. I was dragging myself because I felt out of shape, but you know, I signed up for this class, and already blew off last week's class.

From the very beginning when we did the warm-up, it felt so good. I felt.. I felt I was home. It's so dorky. I know. And then the stuff we're dancing and learning is so awesome. It is so much better then the holiday thing from last semester. The choreography is not easy, the music has awesome syncopations and weird rhythms. I am so loving it.

Afterwards, I hung out with heresygirl and had some wine and a lovely chat. Learned about cuttle fish from her son's science project.

Oh, and I've been to the gym everyday since Monday.. and today when I got up, I somehow hurt my right foot. So I think I'm overtraining for the half-marathon that I'm so not prepared for. I will just have to take a break tomorrow.

I love dancing. Dancing is home.
I love Andy. Andy is home.


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Jan. 15th, 2009 10:46 pm (UTC)
that sounds awesome! i love dorky too, good for you!
you seem to have such a full life, outside interests.. friends and a boyfriend to boot (that isn't knocking you about/being abusive) its so unexpected for me..
or maybe most of my internet friends (including me if im honest) are only online so much because we don't have any sort of life in the real world... for now anyway.
Musical theatre class.. I'll have to keep my eyes open!
Jan. 15th, 2009 10:51 pm (UTC)
awww. *HUGS*
people who have boyfriends and a full life still get depressed, and have issues. it may mask the underlying issues more, but it's still there. you sort of got to fix you by yourself...

but it does help to have friends. yes, you should take adult dance classes!!

and i'm online all the time :-P
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