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Laura Bell, legally blonde.

So because of hunger issues, Peter and I stopped by the falafel place next to Lava Java before we parked for the show. The line there was pretty slow. We finally placed our order, and waited for the food to arrive.
Then I noticed this woman next to us, and she was pretty. Not just pretty, but really really pretty. Nice hair, face, skin, skinny. And I was wondering how easy life would be for someone that pretty. I commented to Peter about how pretty she was, then watched her interact with other guys, she seem to be not talking much, and indicated that she shouldn't talk. Then someone asked if she was Laura Bell.

Laura Bell.. that name sounded so familiar.. and I was like, isn't she the lead for Legally Blonde, like on Broadway? Why would she be at this place 20 mins before the show?

Then the cook had 2 gyros.. and asked who had them? And it seemed like the broadway crew had ordered before and after us.. and the folks ordering after us wanted to trump our order, without talking to us.

So this is my conversation with the famous Laura Bell.

"Is that your gyro?"
"I think it's mine."
"Or is it mine?"
"I think it's mine."

pause. no one claims gyro. Cook gives gyro to me.

Finally gathering up courage: "Are you Laura Bell?"
"Ah, cool."
"I guess you're not in the show tonight since.. it's...", waving at clock.

Well. That was awkward. Supposedly the Elle Woods lead is supposed to be as nice as Elle Woods, but maybe she lost her voice and shouldn't talk, so it's fine. I was just jazzed I got to talk to her. She smiled at me when we left. It could just be forced politeness.

Oh, and the show itself was fabulous. Since Laura wasn't performing (turns out she's temporary replacing the touring star who broke her toe), we got the adorable understudy Lauren Ashley Zakrin, who I had followed on MTV's "The Search for Elle Woods". And she was wonderful (and I only noticed her out of breath once after a particularly dancey sequence). I loved watching her.

And I also noticed one of the chorus was another person from that MTV show.

It was all delightful. Loved the show. I'm glad I went.


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Feb. 5th, 2009 09:02 am (UTC)
Do you really think life is that much easier for someone who is really pretty ?

In some ways, it's an advantage, offcourse. If you want attention, you're going to get it. People are going to react positively to you initially. You're more likely to be remembered.

But on the other hand, I think you may have a harder time being taken seriously. I guess it depends on your occupation, for an actor or a singer, being pretty is obviously a huge advantage professionally too.

But I've got two female friends who are really pretty, and in nerdy occupations. One is a ph.d in computer-science, but blonde, 5'11 or something and really pretty. She definitely has extra problems getting taken seriously in a technical setting, every time. To the point where now she'll deliberately drop a over-technical comment early on in the conversation to give people a chance to realize she's not a bimbo.

I would actually think that the most "easy" way of being, in prettyness or other things, is to be well above average, but not on the end of the scale.

Goes for many things, I think. Wealth. Beauty. Tallness. In many ways it's *easier* having a net worth of 3 million, rather than 3 billion, it's an advantage to be an inch or two above the average, but not having to bend to get trough doors, and, I think, it's an advantage to be pretty, but not nessecarily to be amazingly pretty.

A bit like the age-old saying from basic military training; if you want to avoid problems, and sail trough without being noticed, aim to finish aproximately number 30 of 100. Finishing consitently last obviously gives you extra stress and problems, but so does consistently finishing number 1.
Feb. 5th, 2009 04:40 pm (UTC)
Laura Bell was likely on vocal rest. As a singer being on Broadway you do not have to lose your voice to not talk. Basically if you are going to have to sing something complicated in the near future or if you have been singing a ton in the recent past, then you don't use your voice at all just to help the muscles relax so they don't strain. Most of the time conscientious singers will do this all the time when they are in a show. At least the smart ones do.
Feb. 5th, 2009 10:41 pm (UTC)
eric and i are going to see this on saturday! i'm so excited :)
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