ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Quick update

So, lots of stuff happening. Valentine's weekend was awesome (TV party, cocco's, central market, dessert, 50cent wings at Pluckers, alamo drafthouse, dinner party with improv friends). Then Monday I got to play around with my camera even more. Then Tuesday hanging out with wine and friends. And just lots of social activities.

I've been very social lately. I'm juggling my new friends with my old friends, and it has been a blast.

I'm loving life at the moment (which is a new feeling for me). Loving Andy, my friends, my hobbies. And Uchicat! who slept with us last night.

Tonight I have musical theatre rehearsal. Thursday is date night with Andy, we're going to the Moulin Rouge Sing-a-long at the Drafthouse.
Tags: andy, friends, happy, love, uchi
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