ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

St Patrick's Day, sxsw

This has been a busy week so far, what with spring break, sxsw, and me suddenly being social media coordinator for my project at work.

But wanted to make a quick post on the awesome Tuesday I had. I took that day off, and then went downtown on the bus! In NY I took public transportation at all the time but in Texas it's all about driving. Found a bus stop 2 blocks from my house, and the bus went straight through campus and downtown (1L and 1M).
Downtown during SXSW is the best thing ever, with hipsters and cool people wondering around. I had lunch with stalwartmoonpie  at Koriente, which was very delicious, but kinda overpriced.
Then I stood in line at the film screening of "Objectified" which is done by the same guy that did "Helvetica", which I haven't watched. Since I didn't have a film pass, I had to wait till all the film badges got in, then the film pass folks.. and thankfully there was room for me! The movie was interesting at times, but boring a lot of the times. It did make me think more about how objects are designed.

Then I wondered outside, saw Austin downtown in lego-form. Then took the bus back home, and was kind of exhausted.
Then I was suppose to meet up with friends at the Hideout Pub, but it was waay too crowded so we ended up wondering around, and then I ended up at The Flying Saucer, which is a bar at the triangle near my house. I've joined The Flying Saucer club.. where if you drink 200 different beers you get your name on a plate. I figure it'll be a good way for me to learn about other beers besides wheat beer. And so far it has been fun.
I have 4 beers in the tally. They were also serving green jello shots, and I had 3 of them.

Wednesday was a really tough day for me at work ;-) And when I got home I just fell alseep. Note to self: When taking mini-vacays, try to stick to Mons and Fris.

Tags: austin, happy, movie
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