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Andy and Uchi

So Andy pretty much works out of the living room since he doesn't believe in desks. He and Uchi are the prime beneficiary of the most expensive furniture I have in the house: a Crate & Barrel sofa that I love and used to angst about.

Yesterday I came out of my room to curl up with Andy on the sofa, and Uchi was on the other side, and he was nibbling on a toy mouse. I was like: "Uchi has a mouse!" 
Andy: "Yeah, he plays fetch with it." Then he took the mouse, and threw it across the room. Uchi dashed off towards the mouse, then came back and put it on the sofa next to Andy.
I had never seen Uchi or any cat play fetch before. "Umm.. since when did Uchi play fetch?"
Andy: "The last few nights!"

It's really odd, the two of them has the strangest bond. Andy hates cats. And he is allergic to them too, he doesn't allow Uchi in his room. And when he chases Uchi out, the cat would make strange clucking noises.

But out in the living room, they hang out next to each other and play fetch.

Me: "If I die, will you take care of Uchi?"
Andy: "I guess so.... or I would give him to my Mom."

The fact that Andy even entertains the thought of keeping Uchi is really sweet.

Now if only Uchi will stop shedding.
Tags: andy, uchi
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