ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

I love gay bars!!

Where have they been all my life?? I've been to Oil Can's and Boy's Cellars a long time ago when I first moved to Austin, but I guess I was too young and it was overwhelming.. but when I went back last night for ms_goose_says 's birthday, it was a lot of fun! Since I'm female, there was no meat market feel. Everyone was so nice and friendly, and touchy as they passed you. But friendly energy touchy... not the I'm groping you aggressive, furtive touches you get in usual dance clubs. I especially loved the fact that people ignored the men and women signs in the rest rooms, and you can use whichever line is shorter.

And I love just dancing. I guess it's pretty obvious to anyone that I would love dancing in clubs.. but it's not true. A lot of club dancing is boring, then you have random strangers rubbing against you, and most people just awkwardly move and sort of eye each other. Bah. When I'm in the mood at home, I turn off the lights, turn up some music and dance. I dance huge, with arms and sweeps and turns and no one is watching and I don't have to be self-conscious and it's so awesome. But last night was kind of like that. Everyone was having fun, most strangers kept their distance, and I could just fold into the music. The difference was I couldn't dance huge since there was no space, but I definitely did trance out at moments.

I couldn't complete trance out since I had to check repeatedly on my purse to make sure it didn't disappear. Except later that night, I gave my purse and coat to a friend, and the coat covered the purse, so he didn't know there was a wallet in it. Then afterwards when I got back from dancing, and found him, he had just the coat! And I was like.. where's the purse?? And I had a minor moment of.. oh no, all that good energy is going to die if I lose my purse which had my credit card, iphone, camera, car keys and ID. (seriously how do guys fit all that in one pocket?) Thankfully, the doorman had it. Turns out that another friend noticed the purse on the floor, gave it to the barkeeper who gave it to the doormen. Phew. Cos earlier that day.. I had gone to the laundramat to wash my big crate and barrell area rug and bathroom rug... and when I went to pick it up from the dryer, it was stolen!!!! So, that was the universe putting things in perspective.

Before the big night out at Rain on 4th, we had a birthday dinner at Taste on 2nd and Chavez. It was ok I think. The prices were reasonable since I ordered small plates and didn't drink much... I thought some dishes were good but I didn't think it was great. The company however, was wonderful. And it was nice to see ms_goose_says  having such a great time for her birthday.

And prior to all that.. (It was quite a busy Saturday), I had woken up early and went to the int/adv ballet class with Greg Eisley. I only did the barre, that was quite enough, thanks. Then I went to the Austin Farmer's Market to pick up my fav brazillian pastries from 2 cute gay chefs. Then I had to go to the Flipside Warehouse to help set up for the Seroius Camp fundraiser.

Friday night was spent hula-hooping.

Tags: ballet, best of, dance, dining, friends, happy, sad, tribe
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